Buteyko Breathing Charts

Buteyko Breathing Charts: Diagrams used in the 1964 manual
The Buteyko Breathing Charts & Text are taken from:
Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov
Volume 1 was published in 1990
Sergey Altukhov was commissioned by Professor K.P. Buteyko on June 1988 to write the truth about his method.
Professor K.P. Buteyko approved the first volume in March 1990.
The text below has been taken from the Buteyko Trilogy 2009 ebooks which was translated from the more detailed Two-Volume Edition published in 1993.


The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health by Vladimir K. Buteyko and Marina M. Buteyko

The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health: scientific introduction to the Buteyko therapy for experts.
The rigorous theory about the human health completely satisfying practically all gnoseological criteria, including the major ones: complete conformity to the facts and ability to predict, is presented for the first time in the history of medicine. It is shown how this theory has helped K.P. Buteyko to discover a new disease, to predict the laws of its change, to develop effective principles and methods of diagnostics, preventive maintenance and overcoming of this disease (the true Buteyko therapy).


Buteyko Carbon Dioxide Theory

The Biochemical Basis of K.P. Buteyko’s Theory of the Disease of Deep Respiration


Behaviour of Sick Animals and Humans

HART, B.L. Biological basis of the behaviour of sick animals. NEUROSCI BIOBEHAV REV 12(2) 123-137, 1988— The most commonly recognised behavioural patterns of animals and people at the onset of febrile infectious diseases are lethargy, depression, anorexia, and reduction in grooming. Findings from recent lines of research are reviewed to formulate the perspective that the behaviour of sick animals and people is not a maladaptive response or the effect of debilitation, but rather an organised, evolved behavioural strategy to facilitate the role of fever in combating viral and bacterial infections. The sick individual is viewed as being at a life or death juncture and its behaviour is an all-out effort to overcome the disease.


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