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Buteyko Overview

THE FIRST-HAND BUTEYKO METHOD by Marina Buteyko, Vladimir Buteyko

Editor’s Foreword: The Buteyko Method has long been the talk of the town. Numerous publications express an extreme variety of opinions ranging from utter denial to cordial acclaim. Our decision was to give floor to experienced practitioners of the Method and a direct K.P. Buteyko’s stalwarts, Ms Marina Buteyko, Master of Medicine, Head Physician of “Buteyko Company Ltd” (Voronezh, Russia) and Mr Vladimir Buteyko, General Director of “Buteyko Company Ltd”.

A short overview of Professor KP Buteyko & The Buteyko Method(with archive photos).

– Introduction: The Buteyko Method also known as the Buteyko Breathing Technique comes under the umbrella of complementary and alternative medicine (that works along side conventional medicine) and is used for the reversal of hyperventilation (from hidden hyperventilation through to Chronic Hyperventilation). Doctor KP. Buteyko discovered that chronic hyperventilation causes a number of symptoms of today’s diseases, for example Asthma.

Buteyko UK

Buteyko Information for Doctors & Health Professionals

– Benefits of Buteyko, a proven, non-drug treatment for Asthma. Summary for UK health professionals 2009.

Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov

Buteyko Charts: Diagrams used in the 1964 manual

– Buteyko Charts: Normal breathing, Diagrams used in the 1964 manual, Alveolar CO2 in MMHG, Pulmonary Ventilation Criteria, The Bodies Protective Machanisms, Respiration, Evolution of the Atmosphere, Respiration in the Human Fetus & The Effects of Hyperventilation.

The Chart & Text are taken from: Volume 1 of Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov. Volume 1 was published in 1990.

Sergey Altukhov was commissioned by Professor K.P. Buteyko on June 1988 to write the truth about his method. Professor K.P. Buteyko approved the first volume in March 1990. The text has been translated from the more detailed Two-Volume Edition published in 1993.

Buteyko Laboratory 1960-1968

– Doctor KP Buteyko laboratory with his diagnostic apparatus the ‘combine-complexator’ 1960-1968 The Pictures and Text are taken from: Volume 1 – The Destruction of the Laboratory, Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov.

Buteyko Theory

The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health by Vladimir K. Buteyko and Marina M. Buteyko

The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health: scientific introduction to the Buteyko therapy for experts. 
The rigorous theory about the human health completely satisfying practically all gnoseological criteria, including the major ones: complete conformity to the facts and ability to predict, is presented for the first time in the history of medicine. It is shown how this theory has helped K.P. Buteyko to discover a new disease, to predict the laws of its change, to develop effective principles and methods of diagnostics, preventive maintenance and overcoming of this disease (the true Buteyko therapy). The way of a quantitative estimation of the general state of human health is deduced.

150 Diseases of Deep Breathing

They say the Method only cures asthma, mild asthma at that, instead of the list of 150 diseases that I compiled during my decades of medical practice. Well, what of it. I spent 30 years working with diseases, and in five millennia, everyone will recognise my work, you’ll see. Of course, there might not be anyone left to treat…

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide: The over-evaluation of the role of oxygen and revaluation of carbon dioxide
Buteyko Short eNovel (Novella) Chapters 18-21, The Carefully Hidden Great Medical Discovery – the story of the Buteyko Method, Volume 1
The content of this written work is fact and is written in the style of a documentary novel

Buteyko for the Reversal of Chronic Hyperventilation with References by Peter Kolb BSc(Eng), MSc(Med)

– Chronic hyperventilation affects every organ, body part and system. Chronic hyperventilation affects every organ, body part and system. The protean nature of the symptoms makes this disorder particularly insidious. The symptoms that will manifest in an individual depend mainly on genetic predisposition. Asthmatics, for example, have bronchioles that are particularly efficient at closing up whenever the lungs are hyperventilated.

The Bohr Effect with References by Jennifer and Russell Stark: authors of the book The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome

– A problem can occur (retaining oxygen instead of releasing it).

A problem can occur however, when breathing is increased to the level where too much carbon dioxide is exhaled. This compels blood to become more alkaline than normal (Respiratory Alkalosis) and haemoglobin becomes ‘stickier’, retaining oxygen instead of releasing it. This creates a vicious circle, because less oxygen reaching tissues means that less carbon dioxide is being produced.

Nose breathing

Benefits of nose breathing: Air conditioning & regulating.

1) Filtering the air of dust, pollens, dust mite etc.

* Reducing the intake of the above through reduction of volume in air flow.

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight Response: As a reaction to any danger, the fight or flight response initiates physical changes.

When people are exposed to stress they kick start the ‘fight or flight’ response. Adrenaline surges through the body, increasing heart and breathing rates to enable sudden physical exertion…

Buteyko Carbon Dioxide Theory

The Biochemical Basis of K.P. Buteyko’s Theory of the Disease of Deep Respiration

The Theoretical Premises of the ISDR Method

The Role of Carbon Dioxide in the Vital Processes of the Organism (Chemical and Biochemical Aspects)

Buteyko measurement

Buteyko Control Pause(CP)

– Measure the level of your condition, symptoms and General health using the Buteyko breathing exercise called the Buteyko Control pause (CP). Dr. Buteyko developed the Control Pause as a simple and reliable measure of the level of carbon dioxide CO2 level in the lungs. When Dr Buteyko started to develop the Buteyko Method , there was no need to use the CP as Buteyko had a well equipped laboratory available with instruments to measure carbon dioxide CO2. However, when his laboratory was destroyed, he had to find a new simple way of measuring carbon dioxide CO2. So he developed the concept of the Control Pause CP.

Asthma Research Results:

– Summary of trial results for Asthma using the Buteyko Breathing Method: Eight studies have been conducted to investigate the efficacy of the Buteyko Breathing Method for asthma in the Western world.

Buteyko Study 2009

Buteyko Breathing Technique Reduces Hyperventilation−Induced Hypocaponea and Dyspnoea after Exercise in Asthma.


Our study demonstrated the hypothesised physiology of BBT, improving hyperventilation induced hypocapnoea and breathlessness, following maximal exercise. By teaching patients to reduce hypernoea of breathing (the rate & depth), BBT may reduce asthma symptoms and improve exercise tolerance and control.

Buteyko Practitioners

Buteyko Practitioners

List of Buteyko Practitioners by Country and their Contact details

Buteyko Patents and Trademarks

Buteyko Patents and Trademarks : How to stand up to threats from “rights holders” an Open Letter from Vladimir K. Buteyko

Buteyko Hall of Fame

Buteyko Hall of Fame: recognising the piorneering efforts of induvudals who have been involved in Buteyko for more than 10 years.

Support group

Buteyko Support Group

– Buteyko Support Group for discussing The Buteyko Method. Buteyko Support Group for discussing the use and comparing experiences with the Buteyko Breathing Therapy, Prospective Buteyko therapy users, Buteyko therapists and people simply seeking more information are also welcome.

Doctor Buteyko Interview Videos 1988 and 1998

Buteyko DVD No.1 Interview 1998

Sergey Altukhov is introducing Professor KP Buteyko in 1998, this video is a segment of a series of DVD’s talking about his Buteyko breathing method. Also including translated video transcript. The film is taken on the 4th January 1998 at the Professor’s home in Novosibirsk. The producer of this film is Sergey Altukhov. The original DVD is 42 minutes, is part of the Buteyko translation project.

Buteyko DVD No.3 Buteyko Lecture 1998

Sergey Altukhov introducing Professor KP Buteyko &Lyudmila Sokolskay1998. Taking about pregnancy and childbirth on the Buteyko Method.

This video and transcript is a segment of a series of DVD’s withDoctorKonstantin Pavlovich Buteykotalking about his Buteyko breathing method.The film is taken on the 4th January 1998 at the Professor’s home in Novosibirsk. The producer of this film is Sergey Altukhov. The original DVD is 1 hour 40 minutes. The series of DVD’s are part of the Buteyko translation project .

Video Interview with Dr K.P. Buteyko 1988

– Series of video’s made from segments of an Interview with Dr K.P. Buteyko 1988 (with English translation voice-over) on subjects such as Asthma, Life Style, Environment, Pregnant Mothers & Babies & The Buteyko Method.

Asthma: video interview with Doctor KP Buteyko 1988

-Short video, of an interview in 1988 with Doctor K.P. Buteyko (with english translation voice-over and transcript) talking about Asthma and his Buteyko Method, Asthma reasearch results, Theory on asthma, Measuring asthma, Asthma drugs bill

(That’s a reduction of two-thirds in their asthma drugs bill)“So here we are now involved in a struggle of principles and ideas. But the truth is on our side. We achieve a 100% effective result. This was proven in Leningrad with 46 asthmatic patients in 1968 and again in 1981 when the Ministry of Health of the USSR ordered another approbation to be conducted at the First Medical Institute’s Paediatrics Department.” (including video transcript & English translation voice-over)

Buteyko Method: video interview with Doctor KP Buteyko 1988

“At that time, this very unusual thought had flashed through my mind for no known reason. I decided to check it out straight away. At that time I had a headache, a pain in the heart and a pain in the right kidney. I started decreasing my breath, in other words, I had instantaneously invented my method of normalisation of breathing. Practically a minute later my headache disappeared, as did the pains in the heart and the kidney. I decided to re-check. Is it really so? Is there such a close connection? Am I right or am I mistaken?” (including video transcript & English translation voice-over)

Buteyko Life Style: video interview with Doctor KP Buteyko 1988

“But what an incredible outcome. All those earth’s blessings we have all been seeking. All of them deepen the breath. Food, protein, etc. deepens the breath. Coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, drugs. All of these deepen the breath. In other words, human beings seem quite intent on concentrating on all the things that deepen their breathing. And the principles which have been believed to be correct, to breathe deeply, to have more rest and relaxation, spending more time in bed, either lying or sleeping, with such emphasis on more recreation and less physical work, are now turning out to be wrong in their concepts and in fact, are totally wrong principles.” (including video transcript & English translation voice-over)

Buteyko Environment: video interview with Doctor KP Buteyko 1988

“Now, we are all facing the self-inflicted contamination of our environment. If we are not poisoning ourselves with medications and drugs, we are poisoning the air, the earth and the water. We have already succeeded in doing that to a degree and still we are mindlessly continuing to do so, with a huge diversity and quantity of chemicals.” (including video transcript & English translation voice-over)

Buteyko Pregnant Mothers & Babies: video interview with Doctor KP Butetko 1988

At the very first breath, a child gets a deficit of CO2 and five times higher the amount of O2 than what it is accustomed to. This is a terrible shock for an infant’s organism. We must try not to make our infants inhale deeply. We must attempt to accustom them to our atmosphere and break them into it gently. My method allows the new mothers to do this now with the young children growing up healthy, strong and vigorous. Their physical development surpasses that of the children brought up into the world in the currently accepted way.” (including video transcript & English translation voice-over)

Buteyko Interview in full with Dr K.P. Buteyko 1988 Part 1-3

“Well, this is how it all happened, 35 years ago on graduation from the First Medical Institute, I joined the Hospital Clinic under the direction of my Institute Teacher, Academician Dariyev. On 7th October 1952 while on duty at the Clinic which was situated in the building at the Petrovskiye Gates, the building with the white columns, a thought occurred to me that the Hypertensive Disease which I was developing very rapidly could be a consequence of the deep breathing.” (including video transcript & English translation voice-over)

Buteyko Interviews

Radio Buteyko Interviews New York City Radio with Bud Weiss

Radio Buteyko Interviews New York City Radio WBAI (21st October 2010) Barnett J. Weiss (Bud) interviews Dr Robert Cowie, Christine Bauman, Patrick McKeown, Birgit Laskowsk, Robert Litman and Carol Baglia, all talking about the effectiveness of the Buteyko Breathing Method

Buteyko asthma articles in the Media


The New York Times – article on Buteyko By Jane E. Brody

“I could actually feel my airways relax and open,” he recalled. “This was impressive…

Interesting Buteyko Video’s

Buteyko – QED BBC TV Program Video

– BBC NEWS Health – The breathless way to ‘cure’ asthma Tuesday, August 18, 1998 Published Article by Sally Magnusson, British journalist and presenter of QEDʼs “Breathless” which was screened on BBC1 in August 98 to a record audience.

Buteyko You tube

Buteyko Videos on YouTube

– List of Buteyko Videos on YouTube

Further Reading

Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov

Forword to Volume 1 The destruction of the laboratoryTwo-Volume Russian Edition published in 1993 & English translation ebook published May 2nd 2009

Further Learning

Buteyko Course by Sergey Altukhov

Author of the trilogy: “Dr Buteyko’s Discovery”Twice certified trainer and Inspector in the Buteyko MethodDirector of the Centre for the Effective Study of Doctor K.P. Buteyko’s Method

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