Bohr Effect – Breathing quietly and steadily actually means better oxygenation

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Bohr Effect… It is common knowledge that eating too much food does not mean good nutrition and this principle applies to breathing.  Breathing too much air does not mean good breathing, nor does it even mean that extra oxygen is delivered to the tissues, because the amount of oxygen carried by the blood largely depends on haemoglobin content and the availability of oxygen rather than the depth of breathing. Providing the person is not anaemic and has healthy red blood cells there is no problem with haemoglobin, and unless the lungs are damaged, oxygen is readily available to the blood.  Breathing calmly almost completely (98%) fills each haemoglobin cell with oxygen, so in theory it would only be possible to make a 2% improvement. However, since haemoglobin is constantly releasing oxygen, in reality it cannot be 100% saturated. Therefore breathing deeper is going to make virtually no improvement to the collection of oxygen by the haemoglobin. 

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