The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health

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The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health: scientific introduction to the Buteyko therapy for experts.

The rigorous theory about the human health completely satisfying practically all gnoseological criteria, including the major ones: complete conformity to the facts and ability to predict, is presented for the first time in the history of medicine. It is shown how this theory has helped K.P. Buteyko to discover a new disease, to predict the laws of its change, to develop effective principles and methods of diagnostics, preventive maintenance and overcoming of this disease (the true Buteyko therapy). The way of a quantitative estimation of the general state of human health is deduced. Interdependence between health and morals is theoretically proven for the first time. The theorem on the role of biochemical processes is formulated and proven. Key practical elements are added. Some reasons for distribution of incorrect information about the Buteyko technique and for incompetence of the majority of the persons naming themselves Buteyko’s followers are shown.
Qualified application of the theory is capable of providing progress in the true convalescence for more than ninety percent of patients with asthma, allergy, cardiovascular deseases, etc. earlier considered incurable. This book is used as one of educational guides during the training of new practitioners at the Voronezh Buteyko Center.

” The theory of our discovery contains basically a problem of a survival.
…I have claims to one thing: I have discovered the cause of the most frequent illnesses. It is Deep Respiration. No one ever spoke about it before. This is the gist of my discovery. Neither the importance, nor influence of СО2 on organs, on systems, nor the influence of СО2 on respiration, etc”.
(From the record of K.P.Buteyko’s speech at the 5-th All-Union Seminar on Buteyko Method. Moscow, 1990)

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