Buteyko Breathing Charts: Diagrams used in the 1964 manual

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The Buteyko Breathing Charts & Text are taken from:
Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov
Volume 1 was published in 1990
Sergey Altukhov was commissioned by Professor K.P. Buteyko on June 1988 to write the truth about his method.
Professor K.P. Buteyko approved the first volume in March 1990.
The text below has been taken from the Buteyko Trilogy 2009 ebooks which was translated from the more detailed Two-Volume Edition published in 1993.


The chart shows: Normal breathing:  Figure 1: showing 2-3 second inbreath, 3-4 second outbreath & 3-4 second pause.  Breath hold:  Figure 2: showing inbreath, outbreath & pause. (All Buteyko breath holds are after the outbreath)  Breathing in sick subject:  Figure 3: showing 1 second inbreath & 1 second outbreath.

Buteyko Breathing Chart: Normal breathing, Diagram used in the 1964 manual

“Of course they should know about it,” he said cautiously, “But I’m worried they may be so eager to count the seconds that they lose sight of the main object – reducing depth of breathing by means of relaxation.”

Subsequent history proved him right. On numerous occasions they had to discourage people from putting too much emphasis on counting seconds for the inhalation and exhalation. But you won’t get very far in any science – least of all in medicine – without trial and error. It was a stage they had to go through.

Experiments revealed that if a patient concentrated his attention on actually keeping count of his frequency of breathing the result was even greater overbreathing. And that results not in a reduction  in breathing rate per minute, but in an increase! 


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