Adenoids: Adenoids Without Surgery

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Adenoids Without Surgery…
An Interview with Dr. Andrey Novozhilov MD., Medical Director of Clinica Buteyko (Moscow)
Interviewed by Sasha Yakovleva-Fredricksen., Founder of Buteyko Centre USA now named “Breathing Centre”

Introduction to the treatment of Adenoids

 Sasha Yakovleva-Fredricksen:
As a rule, children who have enlarged adenoids are plagued by colds and their noses run constantly. In addition, they have periodic earaches. Sometimes, enlarged adenoids can lead to asthma. Is it really possible to alleviate these problems in children by removing the adenoids?
Dr. Andrey Novozhilov MD: 
No, of course not. Surgery to remove the adenoids often improves a child’s condition, but only in the beginning, occasionally for only a few weeks, after which the child begins to get sick again. Furthermore, it often turns out that the adenoids start to grow back after surgery. In one of our young patients, the adenoids were removed four times and each time they came back again.

Adenoid removal?

Sasha Yakovleva-Fredricksen:
Then why do physicians recommend adenoid removal? They must be aware of the limited  effectiveness of this operation.
Dr. Andrey Novozhilov MD: 
Physicians certainly know that an adenoidectomy is not a panacea; however, in many cases, by temporarily improving a child’s condition, it postpones the development of more serious illnesses. Aside from that, the physicians cannot offer anything. What else can be done in order to restore proper nasal breathing in a child? After all, the disruption of nasal breathing, ongoing nasal congestion, and the transition to breathing through the mouth are the very things that constitute the root of all evil in this instance. Hormonal preparations? Yes, they are able to eliminate the swelling of the mucus membrane of the nose, as well as to restore breathing ability through the nose, and this frequently proves to be a stepping stone to a child’s successful treatment. However, placing a child on hormones isn’t the best idea… For this reason, physicians say: “It’s better if we cut out the adenoids, especially since they might become inflamed.”

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