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Bohr Effect – Breathing quietly and steadily actually means better oxygenation

Bohr Effect… It is common knowledge that eating too much food does not mean good nutrition and this principle applies to breathing.  Breathing too much air does not mean good breathing, nor does it even mean that extra oxygen is delivered to the tissues, because the amount of oxygen carried by the blood largely depends on […]

How to Win a Sailing Boat Race

How to Win a Sailing Boat Race… Let me try to explain what I think is the winning approach, using a life-changing epiphany I had in my teens. by “Dean M” The Secret Finally I 
would find out what Bob’s big secrets were.

 That day, as usual Bob finished first. And do you know what big things […]

Buteyko Breathing Charts: Diagrams used in the 1964 manual

The Buteyko Breathing Charts & Text are taken from: Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov Volume 1 was published in 1990 Sergey Altukhov was commissioned by Professor K.P. Buteyko on June 1988 to write the truth about his method. Professor K.P. Buteyko approved the first volume in March 1990. The text below has been […]

The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health

The Buteyko theory about a key role of breathing for human health: scientific introduction to the Buteyko therapy for experts. The rigorous theory about the human health completely satisfying practically all gnoseological criteria, including the major ones: complete conformity to the facts and ability to predict, is presented for the first time in the history […]

Buteyko Carbon Dioxide Theory, The Biochemical Basis of K.P. Buteyko’s Theory of the Disease of Deep Respiration

 “Buteyko Method: The experience of implementation in medical practice”, Collected papers. Compiled by K.P. Buteyko, A.E. Khoroscho – Moscow, PUBLISHER: “Patriot”, 1990. pages: 198-218. THE BIOCHEMICAL BASIS OF K.P. BUTEYKO’S THEORY OF THE DISEASE OF DEEP RESPIRATION by VA Kazarinov THE THEORETICAL PREMISES OF THE ISDR METHOD  The Role of Carbon Dioxide in the Vital Processes […]

Knol to WordPress

Hi, Google Knol has decided to close down (Knol will be moving to Annotum on WordPress on May 1, 2012), so I’ve transfered all of my Knols to this platform “Annotum on WordPress” it may take some time to go through them, checking and updating all the articles, so please bear with me.